Wyoming Settlers, Colorado Jeeping and an Intergalactic Spaceport

If you can remember back to my last adventure, you know that I almost froze on the Snowy Range at over 10,000 feet.  Our next group trip takes in the opposite direction climatically speaking.  We head east to Fort Laramie where the temperatures this day top out well over 100 degrees (my Jeep thermometer registers as high as 110 in the afternoon).  Most of the exhibits are closed at the Fort so we dash from one sparsely shaded area to the next reading the historic plaques. 

Fort Laramie was a popular place for immigrants headed west to stop (and shop).

Along the Blazing Trail

An inscription left on Register Cliff by a westward bound settler.

As we view the Laramie River and parts of the Oregon trail, I gain a great appreciation for the fortitude of the settler’s who crossed this way.  Many of them left settler “graffiti” at Register Cliff to mark their passing.

Our last stop on this day’s trip was Guernsey State Park.  This enormous park overlooking an inviting reservoir stands as a tribute to the creativity of CCC building projects.  Plus, like every other part of Wyoming, it has trains barreling through regularly.

Colorado Rock Climbing

My next week’s adventure has me traveling to southern Colorado to visit Monte and his neighbors.  Storm and I had become friends with this great group of folks on previous visits to Monte’s Ranch.  Seeking excitement and thrills, Monte and Al suggest we take the Jeep up Hermit Pass Road to the summit at Hermit Peak (13,350).  Al raves about the scenery on this drive which he describes as a 1 hour travel up a rocky road.  After three hours we finally maneuver our way over an endless array of boulders and park at what we hope will be a picnic area.  It is not.

View from my dashcam shows the "rocky" climb to Mount Hermit.

Our plan to gaze over a magnificent vista while enjoying our picnic lunch at the peak is foiled by freezing, brisk winds that threaten to buckle our knees and knock us to the ground.  The bumpy riding boulders, steep cliff edges and many switchbacks toward the top has diminished our appetites.  I have a ball using all the bells and whistles on the Rubicon to make this trip. Unlike my passengers who spend most of the bone jarring ride clinging to the “Oh Sh*t” bars in the jeep, I never once believe I am going to drive us off the cliffs.  Thanks to Monte and everyone at the Ranch for a wonderful weekend.  Joann and Al host my stay at their ranch house.  Except for the terrifying bear lurking in the back yard, my lodging was delightful!

Sure the road up to Mount Hermit was a little thrilling
But I was more concerned about this bear in Al and Joann's backyard!

An Intergalactic Spaceport Right Here in WY

Finally for my pilot friends searching for a unique airport to visit and add to your logbook, please consider a flight out to 48U (Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport) in Green River, WY.  Unlike the ubiquitous “regional airports,” and “executive jetports” that have assimilated the once pilot friendly local county airports in most places, the folks at this 5000′ dirt strip had a much grander vision!

Concerned that a meteor in the 1990’s would send any resident Jupitertonians evacuating in search of sanctuary, the folks at Green River built this landing strip to accommodate any earthbound refugees.  If you do plan to fly out let me know. I can meet you at the airport and we will wait for the escapees from Jupiter to land.

Provided they left before the meteor fragments hit in 1994 and calculating in cosmic wind drift and the gravitational pull of Saturn’s 42nd moon, I calculate they will probably descend next Thursday at 1:23pm. With all that has occurred already this year, their arrival is as likely as anything else, right?  With any luck they will bring the cure for Covaid!

I took this photo last night. According to the news it is the comet Neowise, but could it really be Jupitorians on their way to Green River, WY? If it is, they are almost here!

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    The pictures were outstanding, and so was the tour, thanks, Keep em coming, always good to know that you are OK. Take care. GOD BLESS
    Jim & Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks, I am glad you liked the pictures. Okay so far!

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