Workkampers Land at Balloon Fiesta

Balloon Fiesta Work Crew

Warning – the following post contains graphic photos of retired people working at Balloon Fiesta.  These photos may not be suitable for viewing by retirees over the age of 60.

Pumper duty
The guys learn the finer ( and fragrant) technique of our bi-weekly dump-out procedure. Photo by Matt Hylbom

Labor Day heralds the arrival of most of the RV Workkamper volunteers at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Once we temporarily set up camp in the Presidential lot, we begin our labor to turn an old landfill into a thriving Fiesta RV park. With lots of new friends and Fiesta preparations to make, the 2017 team hits the ground running.

Let the stuffing begin 

Stuffing Goodie Bags
Stuffing Goodie Bags

Volunteers man (mostly WO-man) the goodie bag production line and begin the process of filling 8000 bags for navigators, pilots, kids and RVers.  This skilled, finely tuned group blasts through the mountainous stack of empty sacks in no time.  Hundreds of neatly stacked boxes of swag filled bags attest to their hard work.  The guys even pitch in for a day to keep this stuffing train on track and on schedule.

Raking in the weeds

So nice of them to do that considering they are tasked with clearing the campground of all weeds and those obnoxious, burry goat heads.

Prepping the RV lot
Prepping the RV lot

I can happily report that great progress has already been made preparing the field.  In no time at all, I expect the guys will begin liming the parking lines.  Like magicians, these hard working fellows will make a huge RV park appear where once a dusty, desolate desert landfill sat silently decomposing.


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  1. I should have heeded your warning but no, I foolishly read the entire article knowing full-well it contained the “W” word. Now I am going to have to take a power nap as watching all that activity has worn me out. The good news is I will be well rested if I get invited to one of those wild parties here in the park where people stay up to 10 or 11 at night.

    1. I was especially worried that you would be traumatized by that post. I hope your nap helped you to clear those horrible images from your mind.

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