Working Against the Tides in Albuquerque

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Balloon Fiesta arrives in a week.  As that event rushes toward us, we squeeze in training and Albuquerque excursions as furiously as we can.  The guys fight a battle with excessive rain that seems determined to keep them from liming the RV field.  Without lime markings to designate spaces, RV parking will become pandemonium.  Mud, an unusual occurrence in this desert climate, threatens to entrap unwary RVs if the rain continues undeterred by drying sunbeams.

In the meantime, I join the other female volunteers learning to work the credit card machine and to check in campers.  We will be prepared to greet the earliest arrivals.  Sure hope the sun joins the party soon!


Video Documenting Rigorous Registration Check-in Training Session

Preparing for Balloon Fiesta

Credit Card Machine Training
Let’s test drive this baby and see how many languages we can get it to speak!
An empty field is transformed
An empty field is transformed
RV Volunteers
RV Volunteers – “Performance” is our buzzword
RV Volunteers at work
RV Volunteers at work
RV Volunteers at work?
Men at work?

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