Wonderful Wildlife of Western Utah

Having found our illusive friend Jim Brown, I return to my regularly scheduled post.   In Moab, lizards scampered heads bobbing all around us but we rarely saw any other beasts wandering in the desert.  We have been surprised by the abundant wildlife lured to western Utah by the crystal streams and lush forests.  Our newest equipment update has made it much easier to share these sightings with you.

Our New Dash Cam

We recently purchased and installed a Garmin Dash Cam 45 in our Jeep.  With this new camera, our success in capturing these unexpected critter appearances has increased phenomenally.  Our old Z Edge Z3 Dash Cam was cantankerous often refusing to record at our command.  As a result, Storm taught it to fly into the rubbish bin.   Our new dash cam obediently records either a picture or video at the press of a side button.  Intuitive and reliable if you are looking for a dash cam, I recommend the Dash Cam 45.

Headless Elk near Grand Canyon?

Terrie’s Encounter of the Weird Kind

The video below is a compilation of the recent creatures we have encountered in our travels.  I am grateful that nowhere along our travels have we seen any mutant venison.  In the picture to the right, you can see that Terrie captured on film a headless elk while she was visiting the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  I hope she was careful not to drink the water while in that area!

Wonderful Wildlife of Western Utah

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  1. No dead rattlesnakes in the middle of the road?!?!N. Clement.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      No – only dead squirrels. Weird because where we are riding, there is so little traffic they really have to time it right it get run over :-)

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