When you can’t send Sunny – send Sally

I wish I could go everywhere and I still intend to try to do just that, but I also enjoy basking in the radiance of other brilliant travelers.  Today I want to share with you the adventure of Sally and the Rose Parade.  Sally worked as a volunteer on several floats in the Rose Parade which was held on New Year’s day.

The two football teams that played in the Rose Bowl Game were Stanford and Wisconsin.  Sally worked on both of those floats.  By herself, she did all of the back of the Stanford float and worked with four other people to do all of the Wisconsin side areas.  To make the rose designs on those floats she inserted water tubes filled with red and white roses into the float’s foam foundation. The S and the W on the floats are red rose petals glued on one petal at a time.  She also worked on the Award Winning China Air float cutting long stemmed purple roses down to a size that fit in the water stems and applying flowers in a rainbow of colors!  I am sure her amazing talents helped them snag the International Trophy!

She made her arrangements through Road Scholar, a not for profit organization that arranges adult educational travel to places around the world.  From the airport and back, Sally reports that her transportation, food, lodging and reserved seating for the parade were all provided.  She met lots of wonderful folks including some entire families who participate as volunteers in the parade float construction as a New Year’s tradition.   Here are a few of the 500 pictures that she took:


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