We’ll be coming round Train Mountain…

Wine Tanker Car

“Train Museum 1/4 mile right” is the brown highway sign we pass a few miles south of our campsite in Fort Klamath.  After two visits to Crater Lake, looking for a change, we remember the train sign.  Curious about the museum, we search for its entrance among the scattered antique rail cars parked along the road.  Finally locating the gate to Train Mountain, we proceed to registration and learn that the last free train ride left at 2pm.  “No problem,” they tell us, “we’ll just sign you up for the next day’s 10am ride.”   They do and we return the next morning ready to ride the rails.

Train Mountain Loading Area
Train Loading and Maintenance Area

If you have ever been to Triple Tree Aerodrome in North Carolina to see the RC Aircraft events, then you can understand when I say that Train Mountain is like Triple Tree for train hobbyists.  Instead of a huge runway, Train Mountain Museum offers 37 miles of 7-1/2″ gauge train track system.  The layout is modeled after real train yards with rails that wind all over 22,000 acres of forest. 

Park Members own overseas containers set up onsite to house their expensive engines and cars and to have them convenient when its time to hit the tracks.  From what I see on our ride, operating a train here simulates the real rail experience closely. Switches, grade markings, tunnels, and bridges provide challenges to the engineer on each ride.  Members also stage meets where operators compete to see who can best place and deliver rail cars on schedule and according to manifest.

Sunny Rides the Train Mountain Express

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  1. WOW, we are jealous, we spent some time in Organ and never even knew this was there, if we did we would have visited it for sure. Thanks for sharing, Sandy is making a list of the places that you have talked about that she wants to visit, hope I can will the lottery one day so we can do half of them. ;>)))) Thanks again and glad your having a great time. GOD BLESS

    Tonight I had to go through 15 tests to check all street signs check new signs check all with cars and check new and back to several street signs before I got the green arrow. I may just send my report if a private email. :>) Thanks for checking.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I sure hope that you get the chance to tackle that list! Still baffled about the pictures – I never get any pictures at all. Just a check that I am not a robot and that is all. Still trying to figure out.

  2. The Train Mountain story and pictures were great.

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