Wedding Bells in Jackson Hole

Elk Preserve Plains

We arrive in Jackson Hole Saturday morning with some time to kill before the wedding at 4:30.  We visit the downtown plaza and the street fair in progress there then grab some sandwiches for a picnic at the Elk Refuge.  It is too early in the season for the elk to have descended from the mountains, but the view across the plains is still picturesque.

A wedding view

It takes a village to get Storm and me to a wedding and that is certainly true as we blunder our way through Teton Village looking for the tram that is to carry us 3000′ up to join the wedding party.  Confused by the directions we receive at the hotel – “just a 5 minute walk, you can’t miss it” – we are turned away from the first tram we find by a lady who runs toward us from the tram entrance shouting “this is not the wedding tram!”  Wait – there is more than one tram?  As we wander the village in our dress clothes studying the many signs with arrows pointing to trams, a few patio diners take pity on us and shout directions from restaurants hoping to guide us to the right tram (the one we could not miss).  We find it and as we board our car, are handed a delicious fruity beverage to consume as we float up the mountain.  The ceremony, vista, and food at the wedding are dignified, magnificent and heavenly.  We so enjoyed meeting the many warm and thoughtful people in attendance. Thanks Nicole and David for sharing your special day with us!  Congratulations and best wishes for a joyful life together.

Leaving Jackson headed south

The next day, after a tasty and filling brunch with the wedding party we strike out headed back to Albuquerque and our RV which is still parked at the Balloon Fiesta lot.  Storm reluctantly agrees to route us along the scenic and multiple photo op Hwy 191 through Flaming Gorge.  He even concedes to a few stops along the reservoir so that I can ask questions of the rangers and take pictures.  For you Dam Tour Enthusiasts, the rangers offer a free tour of the Flaming Gorge Dam that includes a view from the top, a walk through the power plant and a fish feeding stop at the bottom.  No time for us to take the tour on this trip, but good to know for next time.

Here are a few more pics from the trip.

Storm took this from the car heading north on Hwy 550 toward Ouray
View from the tram ride up to the wedding
View from the tram ride up to the wedding
Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Flaming Gorge Dam
Flaming Gorge Dam
South on Hwy 191 – view from the last of the 10 curves leaving Flaming Gorge

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  1. N. Clement Weathers says: Reply


    1. awww – do weddings make you cry?


  2. Lovely couple, and some great pictures, we never got to these places thanks for sharing. GOD BLESS


    1. Thank you! Although hurried, it was a gorgeous trip!

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