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Information presented on this website may be fictional, semi-fictional, non-fictional, mythical, real or imagined, exaggerated and/or completely untrue. Visitors are cautioned that this website is solely designed to share Sunny’s experiences without regard to whether the information presented here is historically, geographically, biologically, geologically, anthropologically, theologically, metaphysically, chemically or mathematically correct. Sunny reserves the right to re-write history, to reinvent the wheel, to defy the odds, the laws of physics, gravity, good sense and decorum and to mis-speak at her whim.

When Sunny declares that she is “live” in her videos she means only that she believes herself to be alive at the time the video is being made. Her use of the word “live” in no way reflects on the viewers liveliness, livelihood or likelihood of being alive.

As is painfully obvious, Sunny is not a professional. If you attempt anything that you see Sunny doing on this site, you will do so at your own risk. Sunny accepts NO responsibility and/or liability if your attempts to mimic her activities result in an unpleasant, injurious or fatal experience for yourself or anyone else. Just because Sunny jumps off a bridge does not mean that you should too particularly if you might land on some innocent bystander!

And finally please be aware of the possible side effects of viewing this site which include but are not limited to:

inexplicable confusion, dizziness, euphoria, a heightened state of awareness, an unnatural fear of gerbils, a strange attraction to tutus, tooth decay, blurred vision, epiphanies, drowsiness, a craving for jelly beans, an overflight of snow geese, incomprehensible nightmares, unbridled laughter, uncontrollable sobbing, a strangely high electric bill, better fuel mileage, shorter battery life, an unusually dry winter, static cling, gusty winds out of the northwest and the mysterious appearance of an eleventh toe on a distant relative.

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