We View the Eclipse and a Few More Local Sights

Sunny watches eclipse

Our View of the Eclipse

The eclipse was awesome when viewed through our special glasses. We were able to follow the moon’s progress across the sun.  Since we cheaped out and settled for 97% totality, darkness eluded us but we did experience cold!  We also avoided a 150 mile trip north, traffic jams, fuel shortages, exorbitant lodging prices and huge crowds.  We are happy with our choice. 

Watching the eclipse
Watching the eclipse

Local Sights

Recycled beach trash sculpture
Storm studies art made from recycled beach trash – displayed in Bandon

We are nearing the end of our stay here at Cape Blanco.  Soon we head toward Albuquerque with Matt and Sherry.  We hope the recuperative cool winds here are helping to mend her leg.  To help speed the healing process we are making day trips to revisit the best of the nearby sights.  The walking workouts we get at each stop should do us all good.

While visiting Bandon for a waterfront dinner, we learn that we missed the labyrinth sand paintings.  These temporary works of art are created on the beach below the town cliffs.  The entire town participates in creating the unique paintings. After the designs are complete visitors can walk them.  If you are in the area this fall, check out the link above for the painting schedule.  Hope we can catch them next year.  

We do manage to enjoy the Old Time Fiddler’s Show at Bullard’s Beach State Park, the Blackberry Festival in Coos Bay and a car show at Winchester Bay near Umpqua Lighthouse before we run out of time to explore.  Now we begin the process of restocking and folding our tent in order to move camp.

Car Show Highlights
Great paint job!
Car Show Highlights
Unique Headlight
Car Show Highlights
Classic Hood Ornament


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  1. The fresh sea air and gentle walking workouts (in the boot) are helping my leg heal nicely! Have really enjoyed our time at Cape Blanco and with the awesome lighthouse hosts: Sunny and Stormy!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply


  2. Glad you guys are enjoying the PNW. We will get to Albuquerque tomorrow. See you there.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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