We interrupt our normally scheduled programming…

I will return to our Delaware visit soon, but first this news from Stormy…

While I have been computer-bound updating this website, Storm has been partying with his old schoolmates and doing a little toy shopping.  I am not complaining as I needed the quiet to concentrate and Storm needed a break from the demands of the RV. While making his rounds Storm stopped in to visit his nephew, Kevin at Coastal Hobbies in Ocean View, Delaware.  He left Kevin’s shop with a Autel Robotics XStar Premium drone, his brand new toy, under his arm.  Storm has assured me that owning this drone will allow him to provide me with website enhancing aerial videos that totally justify the expense.  I am cautiously optimistic that this will turn out to be true.  Even though I have lots of Delaware adventures to share with you yet, Storm can no longer wait for me to post one of the videos from his drone.  Check out this flight over our campsite at Kerr Lake which I realized after posting was shot in way too high quality video and as a result loads pretty slowly.  Be sure you are hooked up to unlimited wireless data before you attempt to download, then plan on giving it some time.  Hmmm…looks like I need to get hold of that drone and adjust some video settings.  Guess one man’s toy is another project for a woman (and vice-versa maybe)…


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8 Replies to “We interrupt our normally scheduled programming…”

  1. Too cool?

  2. Loaded perfectly for me but I have a high speed cable internet connection. Looks like taking pictures into the sun is a no go, just like still photography.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Great! Probably just my hot spot data connection. WE are going to call the manufacturer about that sun issue. Hoping maybe that orange spot is just a problem with the camera.

  3. Definitely an investment, not an expense. Any nude beaches in the area?

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      We may have to wait for the nude beaches until we get to Florida 🙂 Too chilly here for anything but fully clothed sun bathing!

  4. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

    Yes – he is having great fun with it!

  5. I’m glad he is enjoying it.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Check out today’s video. He had trouble with the camera so he wasn’t able to see what he was filming and everything was darker than normal. I think he still did pretty good. He landed and reset the camera to fix but by then we were all out of the water 🙂

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