We found a musical road!

Sunny’s finger marks our RV’s location as seen from Sandia Crest

On our last weekend before we are wrapped up in RVs and Balloons at the Fiesta, we squeeze in a couple more day trips to local attractions.  We thought 3 weeks of time here would be enough to see all the sights around Albuquerque, but we have not even come close to fully exploring this part of New Mexico.  While scouting today we find the musical highway on Route 66, The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, the top of the mountain at Sandia Crest, and a long, undeveloped, primitive, dirt mountain road (aka New Mexico Highway 165) – because really what is a day trip without an off road ride?

The attraction that we enjoy the most today is the musical road which after 3 attempts, I am able to successfully record to share with you.   I admit that part of the problem is my phone camera which refuses to record sound the first 2 times across, but I am so amazed that we actually hear a song I would have probably begged Storm to “do it again” even if the video had captured the experience the first time.

Please note: the windy portion of the video was filmed at Sandia Crest and due to extreme wind torture I misspoke – the mountains turn pink (not orange) at sunset and that is why they were named Sandia (watermelon) by the Indians. Here are a few additional pictures from our afternoon.

View of Albuquerque from Sandia Crest
We can see these mountaintop antennas from our RV
Storm liked that these steps (at over 10,000 feet) had a rest area every 5-6 steps
Sunset last night
I saw this roadrunner on the bike trail during my morning walk – no wily coyote though!

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3 Replies to “We found a musical road!”

  1. Love your sense of adventure?!

  2. Miss Sunny I certainly did recommend the Nuclear Museum in Albuquerque you just must have forgotten it. Also make sure before you leave Albuquerque make sure you go to go to the Tinkertown Museum (http://tinkertown.com/) on the east side of the Sandia Ridge. You’ll be amazed. It’ll one of the best $3 you’ll ever spend.

  3. Dean- as the words were leaving my mouth, I was thinking I bet that Dean mentioned this in his email. Sorry about that. I am hoping that we do get to Tinkertown – like you, many folks here have raved about it. Unfortunately Storm is “volunteering” 12 hour days now so anything we have missed so far may have to be saved for next year. I am hoping that maybe you and Terrie might be able to join us then and make sure we stay on track 😉

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