Walking a Mile in Sunny’s Shoes

Within a mile of my RV are several popular tourist spots that I can walk to visit.  Rather than try to inadequately describe them, I created the following video to share with you.

Sadly everything that is not within a mile is far away.  Twenty miles to Hood River and a grocery store.  Ten miles and a $6 bridge toll to get a sandwich from Subway.  Even further to visit a brewery/ restaurant in Carson.  As Stormy always said, “there are trade-offs to everything.”

I never saw an artichoke growing in a garden until I pruned the rose garden here at the hatchery.
A barge positioning to enter the lock going up river.

As you join me on a one mile radius tour from my RV, keep in mind that I have been working on this post since I got here.  In the time since I arrived, it has stopped raining so ignore my comments about the rain.  In fact the weather has been pleasantly in the 70s daytime and upper 50’s at night,  Good sleeping weather – zzzzzz.

In Loving Memory

Stormy Weathers

About Sunny Weathers

Pilot, motorcyclist and full time RVer. Follow me as I travel all over the US in my Country Coach RV volunteering, making new friends and pursuing a constant outdoor temperature between 70F and 80F. I'll share the fun and the tribulations and any great survival tricks I learn!

9 Replies to “Walking a Mile in Sunny’s Shoes”

  1. jim Sandy dukeman says: Reply

    WOW, what a great trip, wish we were there. I think we visited the hatchery while we were out there in 2010, may have been another one but it was really interesting. You have some great places to go to to spend some time when your not working. Thanks so much for sharing. Still think you should get in touch with the tourist folks in the state that you visit, they will more than happily pay you for the great work that you do. Thanks for being there and taking us with you. Love ya kid. GOD BLESS
    Jim & Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Hey Guys! I sure wish you were here too. I appreciate your encouragement about getting paid to do this, but I fear that would be too much like the 4 letter word “work.” My friends don’t seem to mind if it takes me forever to post. ?

  2. Lynn Hochradel says: Reply

    Wonderful! Thank you … nice to see and hear your voice :-). I do enjoy your blogs. Lynn

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      So glad you enjoyed the post, Lynn. Thanks for following along with me!

  3. Hey, i dont talk much but im still here loving the ridealong. Storm is so very proud of you for continuing the hunt and sharing the joy. Best to you. JimE

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Hi Jim, so glad to hear you are still out there! Headed to Oshkosh this year?

  4. What a great representation of your current volunteer site. Sandy is right, the chambers/tourist folks would love your videos. I
    Tim and I do 🙂

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks Diane. So glad to hear from you and Tim!

  5. Sharon Verity says: Reply

    Hi Sunny
    I am Lorraine’s Mom. She said to pick your very knowledgeable brain about Santa Fe, Albuquerque and the hot air balloon festival.
    thank you
    Sharon V

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