Virtually Soaring at 2018 EAA Airventure

Our week at 2018 EAA Airventure is full of happy reunions, thrilling experiences and gorgeous airplanes.  Plus, I collect at least a year’s worth of free sunglasses so the trip is definitely worth it!  Lots of good stories to share, but my favorite is about the “airplane ride” I take at the Air Cam vendor booth.  There they have a cockpit of their airplane on display. 

Intrepid Pilot

Air Cam Mockup
We’re taking off! Don’t touch anything!

A 6 year old is seated in the pilot’s seat offering rides to any takers.  I agree to fly with him and once I contort myself into the back seat we are ready to go.  “Don’t touch anythinghe admonishes me as he prepares to take off.  After flipping a few buttons and lining up on a imaginary runway he pulls back on the stick for a near vertical takeoff. 

We roll and loop as he demonstrates his expertise.  We must be doing an entire acrobatic routine because the stick between my legs thrashes violently in all directions.  And no, I am NOT touching it!  After a while, I am ready to get back on the ground but hate to interrupt his flight.  He agrees to let me virtually parachute back to earth while he continues to soar.

His Mom explains to me that he often flies with his Grandfather who I bet taught him that passengers don’t touch anything.  She assures me that he has hours of flight time.   “He flies every day,” she shares with me, “if not with Grandad, then on the couch high above the virtual clouds in his living room!”  I can just picture his future career as an aviator and that is what EAA Airventure is all about.

The Rest of My Airventure 2018 Story

A surprise visit by Foul Weathers affords me this opportunity for a photograph between him and his twin brother N. Clement Weathers. What a treat and honor for me to be photographed with these two distinguished gentlemen!!
Air Show Selfie
Matt takes a selfie with my Nikon of him and me watching the airshow one afternoon
Betty Boop
This one’s for Terrie, my Betty Boop fan!
Bike and Luggage
Part of the War Birds camp
Surefly Aircraft
This huge drone called Surefly doesn’t have approval to “fly” yet, but won’t it be cool when it does?
I am not sure the camera lens is supposed to be bigger than the photographer!
Ultralight ATC
Air Traffic Control at the Ultralight field is one person with a paddle – red side “hold”, green side “takeoff”
WomenVenture Photo Session
During the WomenVenture annual photo this woman walked up to me, looked me right in the eye, hugged me and exclaimed, “Tall women rule!”   Yes, they do my new tall friend.  Yes, they do!


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2 Replies to “Virtually Soaring at 2018 EAA Airventure”

  1. Hey Sunny, Foul Weathers here. Thanks for making me famous. The offers are pouring in; only question is who will play me in the movie? Haha. Great to see you and (Thunder)Stormy at OSH. thanks for taking good care of my bruh NClement… Best, Foul.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I am sure you were already famous! It was great to see you too! It was our pleasure to have N as our guest. Let’s do it again next year.

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