Vintage Favorites from the Flightline of Airventure 2018


Storm and I spend a few hours walking the flightline of vintage planes at Airventure.  A few hours spent on this endeavor is like taking only a small sip from an ocean of water.  There are so many planes to see.  Many of the planes at Airventure 2018 are works of art on the outside.  But the real beauty may be hidden on the inside. I often forget just how the lovingly restored the cockpits of these old planes evokes memories of the heart of vintage aviation. 

A Pilots Perspective of Vintage Airventure 2018

Howard DGA
Stinson Cockpit
Military Truck
Yes, this is a military vehicle but it still has a cool view from inside!
T-6 Cockpit
T-6 Cockpit
Stinson Cockpit
Howard DGA Cockpit

Other Favorites from the Vintage Flightline

Reflections on a Cessna 140
Reflections on a Cessna 140
Cessna Cardinal
I just loved this Cessna 177 Cardinal’s paint job!


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