Ugly Shield Removal – A Beautiful Experience

Uglysheild Removal

I feel like we have just left the motor home spa!  After a day of being pampered, polished and primped, the motorhome looks as beautiful as it has ever looked.  The Ugly Shield Removal team far exceeds our service expectations.  When we arrive on Easter Sunday evening, they greet us and park us with an electrical connection.  What a nice surprise to be welcomed so warmly that late on a holiday evening.

Removing our Ugly Shield

Monday morning, we head out for breakfast while the cleaning team gives our RV a much needed bath.  By the time we return from our meal, they have removed a large portion of the shield.  In the past our lame attempts to peel this stuff off by parking in the sun and scraping at the loose edges has resulted in pitifully tiny bare patches scattered across the face of our RV.  Wayne and his team are much more skilled at peeling back this clinging plastic and make short work of the removal stage.

By afternoon, the finishing process begins.  The cab front now free of the unsightly shield, gleams as it is polished.  Another person shines our wheels adding a gleam that has been missing since we first parked in New Bern.  In addition to the 3M Shield removal for which we drove down here, they also have someone attack that pesky leak in our rear slide.  Storm and I have been trying to plug this leak since it appeared during a torrential holiday downpour back in December.  We haven’t tested the new repair yet.  Storm has confidence that the roof covering applied here will do the trick.  Keep your fingers crossed for us – who knows maybe we won’t even see rain again until we return to the East Coast!

Results of our Visit

Even though the dry weather out west had reduced the "ugliness" of our shieldIt was still great to get the remnants removed.

View from our parking space at Ugly Shield Removal


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5 Replies to “Ugly Shield Removal – A Beautiful Experience”

  1. What a nice job they did, did they do something to the roof as well? Where was your leak located? Our new roof looks great and we have not had a drop of rain get inside since we did that, money well spent for sure. Take care and we will catch ya later. GOD BLESS

    Jim & Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      We did not have the roof done, that is quite a bit more expensive. Maybe next year on that. Leak was in the rear slide roof. Sure hope the repair on that works!
      You guys take care too!

  2. You may be able to test the roof repair in TX…supposed to rain! Look forward to seeing you and your shiny RV!

  3. Looks brand new! So shinny and pretty.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thank you!

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