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I am ecstatic to announce that the Golden Tools were purchased by a local museum curator.  They are temporarily on display at the Chapel Hill Airport , but will eventually be relocated to Haw Field where their permanent home will be in the Bob Epting Award Winning Showplane Hangar.  According to Bob, they are now located very near Oshkosh 2015’s Grand Champion – Gold Lindy winner “Show Girl.”  We are honored that the tools found such a prestigious new home!

Photos provided by Bob – thank you!

Now that the Golden Tools are safely nestled beside Show Girl, it is time for me to finish selling all the random parts and pieces of airplanes that still clutter our soon to be sold garage.  To facilitate that sale, I have added a new page to this website called “Airplane Parts for Sale.”  You can see it in the menu at the top of each page.  If you or someone you know needs a hard to find part for an airplane, we may very well have it.  Check out our webpage and call if we can help you.  I finally explained to Storm how we can take Paypal so if you are far away, we can charge your Paypal account and ship parts to you!

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  1. Slow but sure you are getting there. The “Golden Tools” could not have found a better home. Good luck on moving the rest of the parts. GOD BLESS


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