Those sure were some Happy Holidays

From a Rudolf Run in Jamestown to singing the Messiah in DC to unwrapping presents with my family, I sure had a good time over the holidays.  While in DC, I visited Georgetown for the first time in my life and even ate a couple tongue tantalizing Georgetown cupcakes.  Standing in line outside the shop for thirty minutes waiting to purchase a cupcake is a very trendy thing to do according to my nieces.  Singing along with Handel’s Messiah (and an orchestra and chorus – oh my!) at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts was thrilling even though we had to wait in line for an hour and a half to secure our free tickets.  My niece and I were a little thrown when the songs were performed out of the sequence we were accustomed to, but we quickly recovered and faked our way through several songs that we had never even sung before!  Fortunately for us, we were up in the balcony and far enough back that the orchestra and chorus were not affected by our melodic wanderings.  Here are some pics from my travels and I hope your holidays were happy too!



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