Theah I wuz….

Curled under a sofa cushion, motorcycle helmet on my head in the bathtub with a bottle of wine, a gallon of water, cell phone, chocolate, a flashlight, a change of clothes, a good book and THE good book  – why you ask?  Because just minutes earlier as I  flopped down in front of the TV with my late supper, my phone suddenly started making a horrific racket that I had never heard from it before.  The display read (sort of): “You are in the path of a tornado, take cover now.” At the same time, the TV went berserk and a news person screamed at me, “Get to a safe place, a tornado is almost at your house” and my home cell started chirping a “Code Red” weather alert – my God!!

I was not sure whether to be more frightened of the tornado or of the fact that my phones and TV seem to know so much more about my life and whereabouts than is reasonable. To protect myself from all of that noise (and possibly from a tornado), I hid in the bathroom. With the cacophony of racket made by all of my warning devices, I am not sure I would have heard a tornado if it had come right over my head.  Thank goodness, no tornado materialized over my house.  My phone has lost some credibility in the “danger notification” area though.  I am worried that our relationship will start to develop “trust” issues after this experience.

Having escaped harm on Saturday, I decided to toy with my life further on Sunday by stretching my run training out to 10 miles.  It was windy and cold, but I did not realize how cold until the 10 miles were done with a half mile to make it back to the house.  That last half mile almost killed me by flash freezing!

My youngest niece posed as photographer for the runners and here are her photos recording this blustery, Sunday:

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