The Saga Continues – Fun and Folly in Southern Colorado

I spend nearly all weekend reluctantly reading the manuals and schematics for my RV.  Tuesday morning arrives at last.  I sit anxiously by my phone waiting for the mechanic to call and tell me he is on the way.  The phone call that I receive at 10:30 is NOT from the mechanic, but from his shop instead.  He is not coming.  He is sick and will be out of work for a week.

The first RV mechanic that I call severely sprains his ankle before he can call me back.  Now this second person is sick.  Obviously I need to leave the area before I wipe out the entire mechanic population. 

I go through the entire charging troubleshooting process again. By Tuesday night, I have convinced myself that I imagined the whole thing.  I have enough to worry about climbing out of the valley from Durango without overheating something.  I am hoping that my inability to procure a local repair person is a sign that moving on is my best bet.

The Culprit

This is the noisy culprit! I can't find it on the schematic. I have a phone call into Country Coach parts hoping for some guidance.

My traveling checklist complete, I pull from my campsite.  Suddenly that loud, crackling noise resumes.  Really??  Quiet through all my Tuesday tests and NOW it starts malfunctioning again?  I am  convinced that those of you who support the stuck relay theory are correct. 

I have a vague memory of watching Storm repair an electrical part that was behaving like this.  Before I pull out of the RV park, I stop the coach in the driveway, jump down and snatch open the electrical compartment door under the driver’s seat.  I have had enough!

When I look inside, I finally notice a big black thing on the front wall of the compartment.  This object appears to be the source of all that chattering.  I summon my best imitation of Storm’s fury, raise my hand and WHACK what I believe to be the noisy relay.  Apparently I hit the mark and stun it into silence.  I get back in the coach, check all my gauges.  Everything is in the green.  Next stop – Moab! (where I safely arrive a few hours later)

In the Meantime

Rather than spend all my stay in Bayfield worrying about my real or imagined electrical problems, I join Michele for another hike and take one road trip on my own to check out this incredibly beautiful area. 

Hoping to recover from our grueling trip to the Animas River, Michele finds a moderate hike for us through Hidden Valley.  We choose to hike up for views across the valley, take “Esther’s Revenge” (a twisty, dirt slide ) back down to the an easy meadow stroll back to my Jeep.

Falls Creek Trail in Hidden Valley just outside Durango
Hot Springs along the River in Pagosa Springs

For a Memorial Day treat, I ride out to Pagosa Springs to view (and smell – sulfur, yuck) the hot springs along the river.  I continue down scenic Hwy 130 toward Wolf’s Pass and stop at Treasure Falls for a lovely hike.  Treasure Falls is a perfect scenic excursion for anyone.  The Falls are easy to admire from the parking lot.  A very moderate hike up several levels offers a better view or a chance to get soaked in the fall’s mist.

Durango, Pagosa Springs and Treasure Falls Photos



In Loving Memory

Stormy Weathers

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4 Replies to “The Saga Continues – Fun and Folly in Southern Colorado”

  1. jim Sandy dukeman says: Reply

    You learned a good lesson, a good military/airplane repair, when nothing else works KICK IT or WHACK IT and most of the time the problem is solved. If you kick and whack hard enough you will break it and then it is easy to trouble shoot and fix ;>) Glad you got on your way, good job, take care and love the pictures, good to see Michele again as well. have a good one. We have more than enough rain here right now maybe I can ship you a day or two of it. ;>)) GOD BLESS
    Jim & Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I sure did! We could use some rain out here and would gladly accept some of your overload 🙂

  2. Deb Robbins says: Reply

    So glad to hear you are in Moab! WTG Deb. Loving the pics. Keep them coming. Your adventures solidify my decision to leave this Bus in FL, if and when I go to CT. Haha ? xx

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I hate to discourage you, but I sure understand! Sometimes the challenges are daunting. I swear sometimes I think divine intervention is my only hope. I have been very lucky to have friends all along the way to keep me on track. Big hugs to you and if you do decide to drive your bus, I am available for consultation and or commiseration anytime!!

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