Terrie’s Dream Ride

As soon as Terrie found out that we could take a jeep on the “slick rock” she insisted that we rent a 4 door jeep and take her out to Fins and Things for a ride. I tried to warn her that the view from the back seat is not great on this trail.  I even suggested that she ride with Jim in the side by side, but she was determined to ride backseat in the Jeep for the entire trip.  Because I know how tough she is (being a world famous motorcyclist and all), I did not argue.  Who am I to question her desire to spend the morning bouncing around the back of a Jeep like a ping pong ball in a washing machine.  Apparently to keep occupied during the ride she took a lot of strange pictures of things like the Jeep floor, ceiling, back of Dean’s head, etc. and apparently threatened on several occasions to kill me, Dean and/or Storm depending on who she could get to first.  I guess thrill riding like that has different effects on different people 🙂  I just hope I can outrun her the next time she sees me!

From the front seat of Jim’s side by side, here is an example of what the ride feels like when you are faced with a near vertical drop:

Here is a sample of Terrie’s ride in the Jeep:

Assorted Pics (mouse over them to see captions):

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  1. It’s possible that Terrie suffered so many head injuries riding in the backseat of the jeep that she developed “post-concession syndrome” which in turn caused her to lash out at those individuals that she really meant to thank for making her dream of a life time come true.

  2. Hahaha. I think you are right Jim!

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