Temple Square and Downtown Salt Lake City

Storage Business across from our campground

The first thing we discover in Salt Lake City is that we did not allow enough time here to visit all the attractions in the city and surrounding mountains.  We should have planned a week’s visit here at least!  We are thrilled that Matt and Sherry are already set up in the campsite beside us when we arrive.  They are also nursing a lukewarm barely operating refrigerator so we briefly exchange our solution ideas:

  1. leave the fridge door closed and just eat out instead of using the food inside
  2. install a fan to pull the hot air off the cooling coils – Matt was in the process of completing this install on his RV and we are waiting to hear the results
  3. move our rigs and ourselves to a cooler locale
  4. perform a refrigerator transplant – remove the LP gas fired unit and replace with a residential inverter run refrigerator – this is Storm’s preferred solution
  5. take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning

After a brief planning session and a non-refrigerated dinner, we agree to visit Temple Square in the morning.  Although we are a few minutes late for the organ recital at 12 noon, the friendly sisters allow us to quietly enter through Door 13.  This is a special door with a vestibule designed specifically to allow latecomers to enter without disturbing others – how thoughtful!  As the musical notes cascade, tumble and sometimes roar from the majestic pipe organ I am moved by the organist’s skillful dexterity and the instrument’s powerful voice. 

Who knew that SLC rush hour starts at 3pm?  We depart at 4 hoping to beat the rush so do not get to see much of downtown outside the Mormon buildings.  Our quick stroll through a downtown mall before we join the interstate parade whets our appetite for a return visit to enjoy the creekside mall, eclectic dining and abundant flowers.  Most importantly, we will plan our next SLC stopover to include a Thursday night stay so that we can see the Mormon Tabernacle choir in rehearsal.

Our Visit to Downtown Salt Lake City

Temple Square seen from 10th Floor of Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Temple Square seen from 10th Floor of Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Fountain at City Creek Center Downtown
Fountain at City Creek Center Downtown
Tabernacle Pipe Organ
Tabernacle Pipe Organ
Joseph Smith Memorial Building
Joseph Smith Memorial Building


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2 Replies to “Temple Square and Downtown Salt Lake City”

  1. Who knew all that was there, they should pay you guys, now a lot of folks will want to come visit that never had an idea what was available there before. Another great job, thanks. GOD BLESS


    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I just wish I could figure out who to ask for the $$ 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed it. Storm and I avoided big cities when we rode the motorcycles, but in this case we really missed out on a lot of fun by doing that. I think SLC is a great vacation destination.

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