Sunny’s Pics and Comments from Oshkosh

To everyone that Stormy has directed to this site looking for my pictures from Oshkosh, I apologize for the delay in getting them posted.  Also I promised my friends who could not attend Oshkosh this year or who had to leave early that I would make this announcement:

Attention all Prospective Brides: Please note that in the future guests (including parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and all other relatives, close and not so close friends) respectfully regret that they will not be able to attend weddings (or wedding related events) scheduled during the week of Airventure Oshkosh. You can check this website to insure that you do not accidentally plan your nuptials during this aviation event.

Now that the public service portion of this post has been addressed, I will tell you that Airventure 2014 was terrific! Even though the Cub was not able to “weather” the journey, we were kindly loaned a Debonair that handled the trip in grand style. There were so many pictures that I liked, I will release a few each day for a while so that you are not overwhelmed with them. I hope you can join us next year because as good as photos can be they are nothing like being there!

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