Sunny in the wild?

I have never regarded Ocracoke as a particularly challenging place nature-wise but this weekend made me question my assumptions.  My nerves were already rattled when we landed in Ocracoke because of the thunderstorms we had to dodge on our flight out there.  Caution: Lightning from an aircraft window ALWAYS appears TOO close.

Of course once on the ground with all of my thank you Jesus prayers completed, I thought I was ready for adventure.  The only wild life we encountered Friday night was the slightly inebriated dancing ladies at the Jolly Roger!  Saturday, we headed for a day on the beach at Springer’s Point.  A short hike through a lovely maritime forest put us right out on a sandy beach that this day was protected from the howling winds that were assaulting the ocean beach.  As I walked along the wooded trail a stick that I was about to step on started moving.  Stormy said “watch out” but he was too late as I had already jumped a foot in the air.  The snake did not seem too concerned though.  He just slithered over to the side of the path and watched us go by.

Thankfully our soak in the sound was jellyfish and shark free.

On Sunday we headed to the plane to get more beach stuff for a day on the ocean.  While at the airport, I visited the port-a-john. When I pulled down the toilet paper, a little green frog fell out!  I screamed and both of us started bouncing off the walls of the port-a-john!  Stormy swears he did not hear the commotion, but I can’t understand why. Both the frog and I were not happy to be sharing that john, though he did win the race to get out first!

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