Storm’s RV Awning Repair Tips

RV Awning Repair
Storm replaces our awning motor in his ongoing effort to keep our RV working long enough to get back to the desert!

Is your patio awning becoming sluggish and reluctant to retract?  Here is a handy RV awning repair tip from Storm on how to revive it.  Although his solution worked fine, don’t do what we did!  We have a Carefree Eclipse awning.  Storm purchased the $200 repair motor kit from Carefree which included a lot of pieces we did not really need (but we used anyway).  We fully extended the awning and I held the awning end while he installed the new motor.  The whole job took us about 30 minutes.

Save $$ By Using Auto Parts Not Awning Parts

Turns out we could have saved a bundle by purchasing a window lift motor for about $40 from an auto parts store (almost half that price if you order on Amazon).  For our awning the Autozone part number is 742-141.  If you have a different model awning, be sure to comb the web forums for an alternate window lift motor.  I’ll bet someone out there has posted the correct auto part for your awning too. 

The photos below showcase the extreme affect the wind has had on the water levels in the rivers around here lately.

A strong Northwest wind blew the water that normally covers these old pilings off to flood the Outer Banks.When the water returned, it covered the waterfront walkways!
Lower river levels turned these boat dock ramps into slides.So much water returned after the storm that the ramps became unnaturally level.



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2 Replies to “Storm’s RV Awning Repair Tips”

  1. To the folks that are not mechanically inclined the cost of an RV is something else again. Only for the rich and famous. I always figured that it was broke so how could I hurt it, and I will dive right in. Most of the time it works when I get done with it, may take me a little longer than Stormy but I get it done, and if I don’t then the repair person has something to definitely fix. :>) So I am assured of getting my money’s worth. I was told that the automatic retract on the entry steps is nothing but a wind shield wiper motor, those can be found pretty reasonable at the local junk yard. We had new carpet put in the RV, they broke the cables that rotate and let the passenger’s seat move forward and aft, having a heck of a time finding them, but I will eventually. Glad you got the awning fixed, and there is never a dull moment at New Bern. :>) Glad to see your still having fun, we are still trying to find a time to come see you all down there. I think I have a busted water line and Sandy is bound to have a new Nor Cold fridge put in before we hit the road this year. Take care. GOD BLESS

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Yep, I know exactly what you mean! I sure hope we do get together soon.

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