Storm Installs Rough Country Lift Kit

Rough Country Lift Kit

Today Storm installs a Rough Country Lift Kit on our Rubicon.  This job of installing bigger shocks and springs requires two people.  He hasn’t recruited a limber, muscular mechanic to assist him so he has to settle for the questionable help of his aging wife – me!  I won’t be surprised if I age a year or two during this installation.

Step one: Storm asks me to read the instructions to him.  But Storm deviates from the instructions slightly so my recitation is not helpful.  Probably because it is accompanied by multiple questions about why we are making changes.  Through clenched teeth he demands, “just tell me what the picture shows.” 

Alert to non-mechanic assistants:  When asked to describe an instructive photo, replying, “it looks like the bolt thing is going through a hole on a curved metal piece” is not an acceptable response.  If you do not know the proper technical terms like “brackets and 3/4 x 1″ .009 screw” then do NOT attempt replying with a description!  The appropriate response in that case is to hand (not throw) the picture to your mechanical person so (s)he can make their own interpretation.

Tips on Toolbox Arrangements When Working With A Non-Mechanic

Storm's toolbox from which I can usually return with the correct toolSend me to fetch tools from a box like this and you may never see me again - Storm wants it to be clear this is NOT one of his tool boxes

If Only I Was Schooled In Tools

Step two, since I am no help with the instructions, I fetch tools instead.  I rarely use tools except for the small collection we keep in a black bag in the RV.  I have Storm’s permission to access that particular cache of tools.  Because of my limited exposure, I require a few minutes of study during each toolbox visit.  Is this a crescent wrench or adjustable pliers?  My slow return, sometimes with the wrong tool in hand, results in an occasional outburst of tears.  Fortunately I can usually get Storm calmed down and back to work pretty quickly. 

It helps a lot when I finally figure out that the tool sizes are actually written on the tool holders in his toolbox.  Before that revelation, Storm insisted that if I would just look at the socket ends I should be able to see that the 3/8″ ones are smaller than the 1/2″ ones.  Nope – not gonna happen.

Adjusting the headlights
Sunny helps adjust the headlights after the lift kit is installed

Success In Spite Of My Help

Storm gets the jeep lifted up in spite my assistance.  He can’t wait to see if the new shocks and springs alleviate that loud squealing noise from the passenger seat.  He hears that sound every time the Jeep underside drags on the rocks in Utah.  Of course, in New Bern there are not many opportunities to use our new lifted abilities.  But occasionally I happen upon a tricky parallel parking situation. With an extra 3″ of height I can jump the curb and park above adjoining cars!

Brace yourselves for this quick glimpse into our well oiled team approach to installing a Rough Country lift kit on our Jeep Rubicon.

Installing Rubicon’s Lift Kit

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4 Replies to “Storm Installs Rough Country Lift Kit”

  1. That didn’t take long! Where are you guys now?

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      We are hanging out in New Bern for a bit before heading back out west.

  2. Didn’t look too bad I guess. Glad I didn’t hear him yelling at you!!

  3. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

    Of course I am (mostly) joking about the tension between us. Storm has actually taken me under his wing and is bravely attempting to teach me more mechanical skills. This week we worked on drilling holes in wood so I could reposition one of the rattling panels in the motor home. Who knows, maybe one day he will share a key with me to the “big” toolbox 🙂

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