Starry, Starry Night

Night Sky at Goblin Valley State Park
Night Sky at Goblin Valley State Park

Once back in Utah, we tried our first night of boon docking on BLM land atop a lonely hill outside Goblin Valley State Park. Wow – how cool to be out in the desert with only a big beautiful sky full of stars and peaceful antelope in the front yard at dawn as your neighbors.  My sky picture does not begin to capture the canopy of stars we found ourselves beneath.  We almost fell asleep outside staring up as we could not believe the millions of light points that have always been hidden from us by light pollution.  We want to do more of this type of camping (after all it is free..and peaceful…and as close to nature as these two east coast campers have ever been).  I have learned a lot about water management from the web and hope to continue honing my skills until we can go at least a week without refilling water and dumping out black and grey tanks. Electricity is not a problem as we found staring at the stars, satellites and planets to be so much less stressful than watching TV all night.  So if you don’t see any updates on this site for a week, you will know that we finally found a remote site from which we could not pull ourselves away, then just turned off the phones and lights to enjoy.

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