So hard to say good-bye

Leaving New Zealand was easy in the sense that our new passports had the EZPass feature that allowed us to breeze through international departure, but difficult in that we hated to leave this majestic, cordial country. Add to that the fact that a strange assortment of women seemed determined to lure Stormy into staying. Check out this gauntlet of departure temptresses that Stormy had to defeat in order to head for home.

And if those two were not difficult enough to elude, Stormy and I both had a hard time tearing ourselves away from all our new friends at Flyinn New Zealand. We will miss Matt, Jo, James, Nick, Kylie, Sue, Ivan and Lynn (plus the puppies, sheep, cows, turkeys, dogs and lambs). We flew with Kylie for several days during our stay and were blown away by her many accomplishments. Her adventure as the first New Zealand woman to ski to the South Pole is documented on the Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic website. Be sure to check out her story!

While I work to finish the video of our trip, here is a teaser that we made after a flight with Kylie:

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