Singing Snowbirds and Trail Riding in Benson, AZ

Benson, Arizona, where we parked for the month of February is almost entirely an RV town.  Mid-western snowbirds follow a well-defined migration path down to this area from Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and other points north.  But come April everyone heads north toward melting snow before the desert starts scorching them here.  Had normal warm weather patterns prevailed this year we would have spent many hours enjoying these friendly fellow weather refugees before we left to join friends further north.

Trail side Signs

As things worked out, we only get about a week and a half to hectically bask in the sunshine together.  Storm and I spend one day following Leyman on an off-road adventure he and Jane call Simon’s Way.  We also squeeze in as many jam sessions as we can with the musical snowbirds that have nested at San Pedro RV Resort.

We sure hate to say good-bye to all of these folks just as they thaw and come out to play.  With promises to re-join the flock next year, we head north to hook up with Jim Brown and some serious boondocking and 4-wheeling.

Riding Simon's Way

Ride along with us on our first ride in the newer Jeep.  Note that those thorny trailside bushes are trying their best to add Arizona pinstripes to our doors.  Sadly I think they succeed just a little bit.

Lunch Stop

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2 Replies to “Singing Snowbirds and Trail Riding in Benson, AZ”

  1. Jim & Sandy Dukeman says: Reply

    WOW what a ride, like being there. I was hoping to here the 12 string and banjo with some good sign a longs with the snow birds. I hope you still play and get others to join in, that is fun, remember when we did that here at the house one night. Keep up the good work. GOD BLESS

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I was thinking of you while we were there. I learned that some people search out places like this so they can jam with each other all winter. You would really like it here. They made me promise to keep practicing so I could play more next year. Maybe we can have a jam session with you when we get back to town so I can stay in practice.

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