Silverbell Sasco Scenic Loop

I have to admit that it is too cold and I am too lazy to make the New “Ears” Bray Donkey race.  I understand from their website that they had quite a turnout.  Just so you know that I did not imagine the racing donkeys, I catch this photo on the interstate a few days before the race.

A Friendly Rendevous

As a pre-Christmas diversion, Jim Brown suggests that we meet halfway between Gold Canyon and Benson for a day ride.  On the next 80 degree day Jim arranges to meet at the Silverbell Sasco Loop for our outing.  Gail and Terry ride along with Jim while Leyman, Jane and Joy follow me over to the trail.  Sights along this route include a former Titan II missile site, mutant Saguaros and huge piles of multi-colored mine overburden.

Lots of info at the Titan II Missile Site - but no buildings or missiles
At the end of a fun day's riding. Thanks for this photo, Jim!

From an off-roading perspective, the hardest part of this ride is the paved road leading to the scenic loop.  Dodging potholes of considerable depth makes that part of the ride challenging.  Of course there is the surprise water crossing at the end of the loop.  Unexpected in the desert in a drought, but there it is.  Nothing the Jeeps can’t handle but a surprise obstacle between us and home.

Highlights of the Sasco-Silverbelle Loop

In Loving Memory

Stormy Weathers

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  1. jim Sandy dukeman says: Reply

    Your amazing, you never fail to find something to do on the trip. Its cold here too, and supposed to SNOW tomorrow night and Friday. Not ready for that yet. Take care. GOD BLESS
    Jim & Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Hope you guys survived the snow!! Love you!

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