Shriners, Termespheres and Bison

Iron Mountain Road

I love that in Spearfish almost everything is within walking distance of our RV.  In fact the Shriner’s parade this Saturday comes within a block or so of passing in front of the RV.  Storm and I are fans of Shriner’s parades, but we learn from this one that not all Shriner Parades are alike.  The creative float entries and daredevils in this parade keep me and the crowd on the edge of our curbs.

The Termesphere Gallery

Have you ever heard of a Termeshere?  Please don’t confuse this word with the Thermospere which is the layer of the Earth from about 56 miles to about 621 miles above our planet.  No, A Termeshpere is a spherical painting by Dick Termes, a Spearfish resident.  Curious to understand his work, we head out on a drizzly Sunday morning to tour his nearby gallery.  After trashing our clean jeep on less than a mile of dirt road, we arrive to a packed showroom.   We are dazzled by these creations and their optical illusions.  When Storm spots the Black Hills Mova Globe, we nearly wind up with a new objet d’art in the RV.

Stormy and the MOVA Globe

It seems like magic, but this painted sphere within a globe is powered by the Sun and turns constantly on its stand (when not being held by Storm!)

Where the Bison Roam

Smokey View along Iron Mountain Road

I love riding the spirals, switchbacks, and tunnels along Iron Mountain Road into Custer State Park, but Sherry wants to see wildlife.  None show themselves on this scenic road, so we stop at the Custer Visitor Center for the latest Bison report.  Today Bison have been seen in herds along the nearby Wildlife Loop.   We spot Bison, Prong Horns and even Prairie Dogs while driving the loop. Sherry hopes to be surrounded by the wild burros that inhabit this area, but somehow they cleverly evade us.

Along the Wildlife Loop

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2 Replies to “Shriners, Termespheres and Bison”

  1. Jim & Sandy Dukeman says: Reply

    Bet the price of that globe is about the same as the RV :>) Sure pretty though, I would not mind having one either. I can’t remember where we saw the Bison on our trip, it was at an Indian Reservation I do remember that, but there was a very large herd of them and all kinds of critters as well. Great drive, If I can remember it I will let you know, It was somewhere around where you all are now, I also remember the Smoke Jumpers station that we went to was also close. Thanks for sharing, air is thinner there for the Shriner’s so there is no telling what they will do next. :>)) Gave Sandy her birthday present today, we flew to Ocracoke for lunch at Howard’s Pub, then a walk on the beach, great time and weather take care. GOD BLESS

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      You are right about the price of the globe. Happy Birthday to Sandy – that is an EXCELLENT birthday present. Wish we could have joined you for that celebration!!

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