Show Girl Snags a Lindy

My reports from Oshkosh this year are going to be in reverse order chronologically.  Let’s start with the good stuff at the end.  The entire week was full of suspense as we feared the aircraft judges would never find Bob’s “Show Girl.”

Show Girl arrives at Oshkosh and taxis and taxis South
Show Girl arrives at Oshkosh and taxis and taxis South

This magnificently restored Piper J-3 Cub found itself (along with Bob) parked far, far away from all of the other beautiful planes. She was so far south of the airshow that we had to show our passport to cross over into the area where she was parked.  Would the judges have the perseverance, time and energy to give “Show Girl” the attention that she deserved?  Did they even realize that she was at the Oshkosh airshow or might they mistakenly believe that she was at the Milwaukee Airshow?

To learn the answer to these and other disturbing questions, here is Sunny’s report:

To learn more about what it takes to win a Lindy, visit the Airventure website

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