Shafer/Long Canyon Loop

I admit that when we were touring on motorcycles Moab was usually an overnight stop for us.  The one time we stopped in Arches National Park on our bikes I asked the ranger at the gate what we could see in 2 hours and she directed us to the Windows which we hustled back to, hiked up and took a picture of, then left.  What a treat now to spend time with folks who have been coming here for 20 -30 years and know so much about the area.  For instance yesterday our friend Jim loaned us his Rubicon so he and Jack could lead us in Jack’s jeep for a tour of the Shafer/Long Canyon Loop.  (note to readers: if you do not have a generous, toy owning friend like Jim I highly suggest that you get one immediately – they are wonderful to have!!)

We saw Thelma and Louise Point, Musselman Arch in Canyonlands and we took the road down to the Colorado River where we stopped and talked to 2 rangers who were on a boat trip down the river.  Thanks to Jim and to Jack for a beautiful and fun ride!

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