Sentimental Journey Day 1

Okay I can talk about it now.  My leg of the flight (3 hours to Luray) went fine, but after we landed in Luray and fueled up, things started hitting the fan.  It began when the engine started running a little rough.  No problem, switching fuel tanks stopped the roughness so maybe we picked up some water in the fuel with that last fillup.  Foreflight (iPad app) shows an airport just 5 miles off the right wing so we quickly made a precautionary landing at Winchester Airport in Virginia.  After checking all the fuel for water (none found), we add a little more fuel in the right tank and prepare to blast off.  But – no oil pressure!  Long story short, after spending the entire afternoon trying to solve the oil pressure problem we wound up staying in Winchester, Va. Wednesday night instead of arriving in LockHaven as planned.  The good news is that Charlie with the extremely appreciated help of Tom and Val at Winchester Aero Engines was able to get us up and out of there Thursday morning.


Trying to get to Lockhaven

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