Sentimental Journey – Best Picture

As I was trying to get a few last photos before we left the show today, a pilot ran up to me and insisted that I come with him to get the best photo that would ever be taken at Sentimental Journey.  I always run when people tell me things like that and I will let you be the judge, but I loved this photo!

Two odd coincidences with this photo:

  1. I had seen this little boy earlier in the day helping his granddad at their campsite and had wanted to take his photo then but hated to disturb them.
  2. We did not realize it, but this was the pilot who departed from Winchester in his J3 Cub just before we left there. Charlie had talked to him a couple of times on the radio and told him to look for the 2 tallest people at Sentimental Journey to find us. As soon as Charlie joined me at the photo shoot, the man said “you must be the guy in the J5A that I talked to in Winchester.”

The story is that this little guy had just returned from an end of the day flight with his Granddad and was obsessed with his job of handling the tie down ropes and now the best picture…

Best Picture
At 2-1/2 years old, this little guy says he will only fly in a taildragger!

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