Scenic Highway 138 to Toketee Falls

Daisys Near Toketee Falls

Dean emails me that we should be sure and visit Toketee Falls while we are near Crater Lake.  We debate making the long, detoured drive around Crater Lake Park.  While we ponder this dilemma, the brilliant sun rays melt the roadway snow blocking the North Entrance to Crater Lake.  With this more direct route available, we aim toward Oregon Highway 138 where Toketee is just one of many stunning stops on this Highway of Waterfalls. 

The first pulloff takes us to Clearwater Falls where we are treated to a quick flight on the wings of a mosquito swarm down to the rushing water.  When we finally arrive at Toketee, the gigantic wooden viaduct paralleling the parking lot fascinates us so much that we almost forget to hike down to those falls.  We sure don’t forget to liberally apply repellent for this hike though.  We lunch at a picnic area beside Diamond Lake, but the signs warning of its water contamination prevent any cooling off in this lovely, quiet lake.

Driving the waterfall highway is a perfect day trip for those visiting Crater Lake.  There are so many places to stop and explore on this scenic drive.  Lakes, rivers, waterfalls and dormant volcanoes parallel this route and spacious, informative parking areas are frequently spaced to make the trip pleasant and educational.  Thanks for a great suggestion, Dean and Terrie!

Toketee Falls and Highway 138 Photos

Clearwater Falls
Clearwater Falls
Viaduct at Toketee Falls
Wooden Viaduct at Toketee Falls
Flower along hike to Falls
Toketee Falls

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