Sandy Flats Recreational Area – Home of Hell’s Revenge

Sandy Flats Recreational Area – Sounds like such a peaceful name, right?  So I was hoping that for our first quad ride on the slick rocks we would be led on a easy sounding trail like “The Buttercup and Bunny Trial” or the “Cuddly Kitty’s Revenge” but noooo….  After finishing Chicken Corners last week, today we warmed up on “Fins and Things” then went straight to “Hell’s Revenge.”  Now Storm was great with this plan and rarin’ to get out there and attack a few obstacles.  But I am not used to riding with him on the same machine (yes I am a bit of a control freak myself and prefer to be the one at the wheel when driving off the side of a cliff).  I have seen Storm roll both a 4-wheeler and a motorcycle into a ball (though not at the same time), so I know that he considers the envelope edge to be a little bit further out there than I do.

As we approached the first vertical climb, I decided to hold on tight and just enjoy. Off we went over tops of fins and up and down vertical walls (that’s the way it looked to me).  Along with all the excitement, I was treated to breathtaking views in every direction.  I am happy to report that I was able to complete the entire ride with very few holes in my tongue (from biting back instructions and screams) but even Storm had a hard time believing at first just how well the Razr we drove clung to the rocks.  Called “slick rocks” because when the settlers came through with iron rimmed wheels and horseshoes, their wagons and horses slid and could not get traction, the rocks are the opposite of slick when climbed with rubber tires.  It seems that rubber will stick no matter what – at least until you get to the Devil’s Hot Tub!


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  1. WOW, what a ride. ;>) GOD BLESS


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