RVing to the Colorado Ranch

Mailboxes at the Colorado Ranch
Storm’s “pre-filter”

Monte’s Colorado Ranch is a mystical place to which Monte disappears occasionally.  There he engages in an exercise that he calls “trying to get a building permit.”  He regales Storm and me with tales of his construction plans and his ongoing battle to move that project forward.  After giving him a few days to get ready for us, we leave T or C and go back through Albuquerque to Colorado for a visit. 

Our directions are clear – follow the interstate.  At Monte’s exit, turn left on the dirt road and go past the line of mailboxes on the left.  Follow the dirt road for seven miles or until we see Monte’s ATV leading us into his driveway. As asphalt disintegrates to gravel, Storm pulls over to install his self-designed air intake “pre-filter.”   This precaution should help protect our engine from the dust cloud chasing us relentlessly to the ranch.

We are excited to spend a few days exploring the area around Pueblo with Monte as our guide.   If you read my previous posts about visits with Monte, you know his tours mingle just the right amount of scenery with the most mouth watering local cuisine.  Enjoy this video of Storm parking the big rig at the ranch.  Please forgive the view through the bug covered windshield.  Prepare to be amazed as Storm squeezes our huge RV into a very tight space!

Riding up to the Colorado Ranch



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4 Replies to “RVing to the Colorado Ranch”

  1. I am completely taken by the mailbox photo.
    Something familiar, yet distant, insists that I am coming home there. Which box, and whether anything has come there for me, I wonder. Wow!
    I would love to make a print and hang that on my wall. Do you sell your pictures?

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I love that photo too! Thanks for making my day. Most people want me to pay them to look at my photos :-). You just happen to have a prepaid account with Sunny Weathers Photography. As soon as we get parked somewhere that I can get a good quality copy of the mailboxes, I will send it to you.
      Thanks again!

  2. Were you towing the jeep on the trailer when Charlie parked that thing? If you were that was an amazing parking job. How many times did you scrape the side of the coach on the bushes along the way?

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      You are right, that would have been a feat with the trailer attached! Fortunately Monte wisely advised us to unhook and let him tow the trailer to a safe parking spot before Storm started angling the RV into place. I don’t think any of the bush scrapings penetrated through the thick layer of dust that we acquired on the first 6 miles up. No paint damage that we could find 🙂

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