Run Like a Popsicle

Forget the hunky young man at the end of the race, all I wanted at the end of the Ramblin’ Rose Mini Sprint Triathlon in Charlotte Sunday was a HOT shower and some HOT Chocolate (and I will admin it, A NAP).  Good grief, it was hard to start that swim with outside temps in the uppers forties and a chilly, gusty wind cutting through my tri-suit.  But I, along with the rest of the TuTuTrivas swam, biked, and ran our way to the end.  We all did pretty well, but were not as fast as last week.  I guess trying to move quickly enough to stay warm is still not as motivating as a hug at the end of the race!  Here are some neat things I saw at the race last week:

  1. A shirt that said on the back “If you can read this, I am not last”
  2. A sign help up by a spectator along the race course that said “You look sooo skinny right now”
  3. Another shirt: “I run like a girl – try and keep up”

What lesson did I learn from this week’s race?  Pack a Snuggie!

A few pics from our race :

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You can (but I can’t) see more pictures and videos from the race at

In the following news video, you can get a glimpse of me and Val leaving the swim (at the very end):

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