Rolling into Austin

After a harrowing five day drive through rain, potholes and wind, I am delighted to report that Michele and I limp into Austin seeking sunshine and respite.  To give you an idea of how overwhelming the weather has been I will share the defroster story with you.

At one point on the interstate around New Orleans, rain reduces visibility to that of a low dense cloud.  At that exact moment the windshield completely fogs to an opaque filter.  I cannot see in my mirrors, behind or in front of me.

Squeezed between too close Jersey barriers battling violently rough I-10 roads we finally park in Beaumont, TX. I see this sign in our RV park and think, "Really after all I have been through now I have to deal with a threatening canal?"

Michele heroically throws herself across the dashboard in front of me in order to clean the left corner enough for me to see the mist shrouded vehicles to my left.  Her bravery allows me to make lane changes while waiting for the defroster to do its job to clear my view.

Once parked, I discover that the driver side defroster directional vent cover has fallen under the dashboard.  No defrost air reaches the windshield on my side of the cab.  That is why I could not clear the glass.  A short shimmy under the dash reveals the vent hose and cover skulking under there in the dark.  With Michele’s assistance from above I fix that problem.

Getting an Austin Fix

Monte joins us at the RV very soon after we get parked.  Right away he gives me a lesson in clearing the clog in my water pump.  Monte finds an old radio antennae that Storm replaced on the Jeep. Of course Storm never threw it away because he “might” need it one day – turns out he was right.  Monte uses the antennae to ream out the inlet pipe toward the pump flushing a slimy stream of gunk onto the ground.  Yes, I completely sanitize this tank while I am here in Austin then fill it again for the road trip ahead of me.

Oak Forest RV Park in Austin has great sites for RVs and also offers these cute tiny houses for sale.

Monte’s pump clean out totally fixes my toilet problems.  With consistent pressure from the water pump, I can now flush reliably.  Putting this distasteful subject behind us, Monte chauffeurs us to dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant.  At the end of our self cooked meal our table is covered with tiny empty dishes attesting to our enjoyment of this feast.

Monte approaches my slide topper repair with great optimism (and of course, EXTREME CAUTION!).  Some of his positive outlook can be attributed to the fact that he has never worked with me before.  I tell him that I have an Omega topper and he reads the spring tensioning instructions that I found online for that topper.  He loosens the right awning arm and attempts to turn the spring to add more tension.  The arm turns so freely that initially we conclude that the spring is broken.

Practicing on the right awning arm before real repair on the left. At least that is our story and we are sticking to it.
LBJ gets the Sunny Weathers treatment!!

Sad that I will have to continue to climb a ladder and smash this topper into the coach the rest of the way to Arizona, I admit defeat.  I send out messages for repair person suggestions in Benson. 

Undeterred, Monte consults YouTube and discovers a couple with a problem similar to mine (an awning issue not the many others).  He learns that my awning is really an Omega II (who knew?).  Important awning fact: an Omega II has to be tightened on the LEFT arm. 

Good naturedly, Monte excuses my gaff claiming that it was better we learn on the side that has no tension.  Now that we have worked out all the hiccups, we are prepared to properly “using EXTREME caution” re-tension the spring.  It works! 

I am embarrassed to admit how many other “little” repairs Monte helps me with today.  I am so grateful to have kind and handy friends like him!  Thanks to Monte for still answering my text even after three days of torment!!

Austin Sights and Spicy Delights

We squeeze in a visit to the LBJ Presidential Library on Sunday. Eloquent letters both to and from LBJ on display here make me long for a time when people were forced to write and consider their words before unleashing them on others.  This is my first visit to a Presidential Museum and I am impressed with the presentation of his story.

Dee Dee Food Truck serves up spicy, hot fresh Thai street food.

To recuperate from our repair work and to get far away from the RV so that we won’t know if anything else breaks, we head into Austin for supper.  Monte chooses an acclaimed Thai Food Truck diner called Dee Dee

Helpful dining hint: If the order taker looks at you and says, “Are you sure you like spicy? Oh never mind, you will probably be OK.”  Use EXTREME CAUTION.  As delightfully flavorful as our meals are, neither Monte or I can finish.  Our lips burst into flames that no amount of sticky rice can extinguish.



In Loving Memory

Stormy Weathers

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8 Replies to “Rolling into Austin”

  1. N Clement Weatehrs says: Reply

    Austin. I am so jealous!

    N. Clement

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Wish you were here!!

  2. Hey Lady ….
    You certainly unleashed on every one a new mystery … did you or did you not trow away the antenna ? If you need more, in the garage are relics from Mr. Storm.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      No, I put the antennae in a special spot in the tool box so it will be handy in case I ever need it again. I have learned my lesson about that. Thanks for the offer though!

  3. You keep learning how to repair things on the RV you can open your own shop one of these days. :>)))) Glad you got the major problems fixed and things are working well without anyone getting hurt. Keep em comin and have a great time I know you girls are sleeping better now too. :>)))) GOD BLESS
    Jim & Sandy

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I am afraid it is an unwelcome education – but necessary if I want to drive my house all over to meet kind people and have fun adventures so I will not complain :-)
      You are right, we are both much happier with more things working. Love to you guys!

  4. Thanks for reminding me to flush and sanitize my fresh water tank Deb!!! Butchie always did that faithfully…
    You and Michelle are courageous, strong women. Not sure I would have survived that hairy trip. ?
    I look forward to your next update. Keep smiling!! X

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Yes, I am learning to keep my tanks cleaner than they have ever been. Storm hated it and usually left it to me anyway so at least I have experience. You are strong too and I am sure you would march through the problems like a trooper. I do have to admit that without Michele along I am not sure I would have kept moving on those cold, rainy days. I gotta get her back to the Tuscon airport in time to fly back to her husband!!

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