Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, keep those RVs rollin’…

Earlier this week volunteers lined up to park campers

Like Christmas or the fabulous vacation you have been planning for years that seems so far away for so long and then in the snap of your fingers arrives, Balloon Festiva will dawn tomorrow as the sun floats above the horizon on a sea of balloons.  But one day before the event, Storm, I, and the other volunteers at the RV South Park face a crawling locomotive of decorative, creative, utilitarian and/or lavish recreational vehicles that need to be parked.  Even though campers have been arriving all week, most waited until today to stake their claim on a 20′ x 55′ patch of former landfill with a view that will offer a profusion of visual splendor each day.

Sunny on the left in RV registration booth

For the next few days, in addition to craning our necks for a glimpse of ships, aliens, animals, colorful globes and a variety of other balloon shapes floating over our heads, we will continue to welcome new arrivals in their homes on wheels to this fabulous show.

No more time to chat, I must run and catch a ride with Storm in the Kawasaki Mule EPS he was issued for parking RVs.  He seems to curb his desire to pretend he is off road in Utah instead of in the RV park when I join him!  Here is my on the job report:




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  1. Ya’ll are just havin too much fun. ;>))))) Keep up the good work. GOD BLESS


    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Sure wish you were here too – you would love it!

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