Returns Day – an Antidote to Political Ads?

Finally the reign of terror perpetuated by political ads ends.  I join the citizens of Sussex County, Delaware at Returns Day to celebrate the conclusion (at least here in Delaware) of the mid-term elections.  Two days after each election this community gathers at the town circle in Georgetown.  Historically, the Election Results were read by the town crier at this gathering.  Today the festivities include a patriotic parade, free beer and roasted ox sandwiches. 

Local schools close for Returns Day.  As a result, high school bands with twirling girls and glistening trombones thrill the curb lined spectators.  I love parades with miles of bands and this one is like band-o-mania!  Horse drawn carriages and vintage autos transport politicians through the parade.  At parade’s end a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem precedes the “Burying of the Hatchet” ceremony.

Waiting for the Parade

According to locals murmuring near me, the hatchet may be symbolically buried.  But the animosity fueled by the vicious contests somehow survives intact.  I guess sharing free beer and roasted ox is not enough to encourage political unity.  Kudos to the folks here in Georgetown who deliver a great party and a very musical parade!!  Wish someone had warned me to get in line early for a taste of roasted ox!

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6 Replies to “Returns Day – an Antidote to Political Ads?”

  1. What a freaking awesome idea!! I think that should happen around the country!! Glad you guys are well. ~Mary

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I know!! This really made me smile and I bet it would work everywhere. I agree with Jim’s comment too – let’s use the political posters to fuel the Ox cooker. Should be enough to feed the multitudes for sure!!

  2. I agree with Mary, should do this all over the country, could cook the OX on all of the signs that cover the state. (might be able to cook 2 of them if we got them all down at one time) :>) Looks like there was some great weather as well. Thanks for sharing. GOD BLESS

  3. Great reporting job!
    Hope you guys continue to have safe travels! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks for following us!

  4. Going back to experience Returns Day was a long walk back in time, I was a child shadowing my Dad’s every turn. My Dad talking with many on The Circle and me being overwhelmed by the sights and sounds. A good day and great blast from the past.


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