Return to Moab

We pulled into Moab where we once again hooked up with Jim for some local fun.  Our first night back, the rodeo was in town so we hiked over for a night’s entertainment.

Click here to check out Jim’s blog for video of the racing tots at the event.  They were by far the stars of the show!

The next day, Jim talked us into taking the Prius off road again for a ride up into the LaSal Mountains to escape the heat in Moab.  Taking a dirt trail out of Sandy Flats, we passed a group of jeeps going out who warned us to watch out for ranchers moving cattle up ahead. The road circled back around and joined the LaSal Mountain Loop allowing us to arrive at Warner Campgound in time for a cool and refreshing lunch.

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2 Replies to “Return to Moab”

  1. There’s Storm sitting on another damn rattlesnake.

    Dangerous to let him wander off by himself.


    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I made sure that he had his rattlesnake proof shorts on before we left!

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