Rest Stop in Mobile

The RV mechanics that I contact enroute to Mobile, laugh when I ask if I can get help the next day.  Seems that with the snowbirds in town, 3 weeks in the future is the soonest I can hope for a service call.  Time for me to hit the books and see what I can figure out on my own.

I find online instructions for increasing the tension on my slide topper roller.  “USE EXTREME CAUTION” begins the directions.  Translation: “Sunny, hire someone else to mess with this so you don’t wind up hospitalized.” 

Looks like I am not the only one with maintenance problems. Saw this unfinished work on the boardwalk at Meaher State Park.

In the meantime, each time we stop I have to get out the ladder and hand fold the topper in order to cram it into the coach above the slideout.  Since it has been raining on us since we left Florida I get a cold, drenching shower from the gallons of water being held by the topper before I get behind the wheel every day.  Woooo Hooo – the joys of RVing!

Water Woes

When not test flushing the toilet, Michele and I enjoy the nature trail at the campground.

On to problem number two (literally) – the toilet.  Once we arrive and park in Mobile, I test the system again.  Flushing is still weak.  In an email reply to my request for help, Headhunter reminds me again that I have to have at least 55 lbs. water pressure in order to attain the vortex of powerful flushing that I have become used to in Florida. 

I check my inline water pressure gauge which reports 20 lbs.  Ooops, I didn’t fully open the weird farm pump handle thing at the outside faucet.  Opening the valve fully yields 60 lbs of water pressure.

Alas, the powerful flush that I had become so accustomed to in Florida returns and then disappears again in the morning when everyone in the campground takes a shower.  At this time of day, the pressure drops to 20 again.  I finally understand what Headhunter has been explaining to me all along.  I must use the water pump as backup for when city pressure is too weak and when I am on the road.   Storm never told me this as he just thought the toilet was flaky.  Turns out it is just more complicated than most.

I think there is some sort of obstruction preventing the water flow through the pump.  Can’t figure out what to check myself, but I am hoping Monte can help me.  In the meantime, Michele and I rigorously monitor this issue at each overnight stop recording water pressure and flush strength each time we park.  We have a little party of joy each time we stop overnight and have high enough water pressure to make the toilet roar.  I worry that I have reduced Michele to finding happiness at being able to use the “indoor” toilet.

Mobile Sight-Seeing

From our campsite at Meaher State Park on Mobile Bay, we take a short ride out to the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial.  Enshrouded in fog, the planes, ship and submarine on display there take my mind off my RV problems.  Lunch in Fair Hope with its abundant floral displays and Mardi Gras decorations is the perfect finish to this gloomy day.

Why tall people probably aren't the best crew for submarines.

In Loving Memory

Stormy Weathers

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8 Replies to “Rest Stop in Mobile”

  1. Yayyy for water pressure!!!!
    But, why no water pressure with the pump when you boondock??? Urrrrr. Lol
    Glad to see some smiling pics here!!! Soon you will be with more friends.
    Timely help on the road for service that is not an emergency is not a priority for anyone it seems. Hang tough Deb!!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I think the pump is just clogged. Once I resolve that, the whole system will probably work as well as it ever has. I can only hope!

  2. Girl you might want to think about replacing that potty with a 5 gallon bucket. At least then you would know the problems that you would have. :>) I know it is a pain, and I hate to say this but it could be a lot worse. Can’t believe that the house water pump would put out 60 pounds of pressure for you, I always thought that was pretty high pressure for an RV. But it is good to here from you and know that you girls are having a good time and are OK. Also appreciate the tour of the ships, there is some great history on the Drum Take care and safe travels. GOD BLESS
    Jim & Sandy ps its SNOWING HERE and will be 17 degrees by morning., But will all be gone by Sunday, :<))))

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Hahaha – I may do that yet. But I think that this whole experience may end with for the first time having that system work right. I sure am learning a lot!
      Love to you and Sandy!

  3. Jane and Leyman says: Reply

    Have you considered NOT opening the slide until you can have it repaired. Maybe not as comfortable but less work.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I did consider that, but that is the ONE slide that I most need to open in order to get around the BR and Bath. Fingers crossed that we can figure something out in Austin. If not I may need your help finding a service person in Arizona 🙂

  4. Hey Deb, had I known you were going to be in Mobile, or when you would be passing through, Cecile and I would have been thrilled to make a trip tocome down to see you. I’m very near Montgomery and it’s just a quick trip down I-65.
    Hope your slide and toilet problems are simple fixes. Keep up your posts, love to travel vicariously through them.

    Cecile and Larry
    (no longer in Oklahoma)

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I did not realize that you had moved. Sorry to have missed you and Cecile. Maybe we can get together if I return east by the southern route this fall. Thanks and hope you are both doing very well.

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