Redwood Forest and Pre-Eclipse Experience

Dark Cloud over Brookings

South toward the Redwood Forest

A towering cumulus cloud to our south has been tweaking our curiosity for the last several days.  The winds and low(er) humidity here are not normally conductive to vertical cloud development.  Therefore unusual conditions must be promoting the growth of this blossoming nebula.  Because we reside in a television signal free zone, we are oblivious to local occurrences.  Hence our surprise upon encountering a ravaging forest fire on our day trip south today with Matt and Sherry to visit the Redwood Forest.

Here is a synopsis of our day:

  • Breakfast at Hook’d in Port Orford because we love the service and the frequent distinctive laugh of the owner (the food is good too)
  • Drive south on Hwy 101 toward Brookings enjoying the frequent ocean overlooks

    Battery Point LIght Squirrels
    Battery Point Light guarded by scary, aggressive squirrels
  • Approaching Brookings an enormous smoke cloud darkens the sky east of the city turning the sun into a bright red ball
  • Stop in Crescent City to view the Battery Point Light and jetty here – listen to the foghorn at 12 second intervals
  • Join flocks of forest aficionados in the Redwood National and State Parks just east of Crescent City
  • Return to Brooking for “lunper” (late lunch and supper) at the Superfly Martini Bar and Grill ( At first the name causes us to question this choice. But Sherry is right in steering us here – great food and amazing drink presentations)
  • Spooky eclipse-like experience in Brookings as sun is obliterated at 3:30pm by dark smoke cloud.  Darkness accompanied by ashes and crispy, baked leaves and debris falling from the sky
  • After a quick grocery stop for provisions and a fire briefing at the store entry, we are glad to see the smoke cloud in the rear view mirror north of Brookings as the sun reappears above us

Redwood Forest Adventure Video

Redwood Forest and Fiery Photos

Mary D Hune
Mary D Hume – an often photographed Gold Beach Shipwreck
Fire Cloud
Fire cloud building as we approach Brookings
Fire Cloud
Fire Cloud over Brookings
Battery Point Light
Battery Point Light
Redwood Forest
Redwood Forest
Antique Car in Forest
Antique Car in Forest


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  1. Did you bake any cookies while in the hollow tree?

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I wanted to but we did not have time!

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