Recycled Christmas Card

RV bound during the recent record snowfall, I stumble across an old electronic Christmas Card.  I created this little animation when Storm and I still owned and regularly flew our 1941 Piper Cub.   I hope you enjoy this revised tale and that you have a Merry Christmas!!

About Sunny Weathers

Pilot, motorcyclist and full time RVer. Follow Stormy (my personal full time RV mechanic and repairman) and me as we travel all over the US in our Country Coach RV. I'll share the fun and the tribulations and any great survival tricks we learn!

8 Replies to “Recycled Christmas Card”

  1. Jim & Sandy Dukeman says: Reply

    Kid you missed your calling, this is GREAT, thanks. GOD BLESS

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Hahaha!! Glad you liked it. Hugs to you and to Sandy!

  2. Doug and Tracie says: Reply

    Merry Christmas to you too.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks – hope we see you somewhere next year!

  3. Awesome card! Merry Christmas, miss you guys!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks – we miss you too! So looking forward to a reunion in Florida!!!

  4. How neat is this!!!! Loved it.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Thanks for making the holidays so special!

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