Racing in a tutu

While I work on stitching together the video of our trip down the James River in a canoe Memorial Weekend, let me take this chance to share old news with you. I competed in a Ramblin’ Rose triathlon May 20th in Raleigh.  Thanks to Rockin’ Randi’s Racing Tutus and Accessories,  I was fully outfitted in a new racing tutu.

In the past, I have run similar triathlons in a relay team with my sister and niece.  My goal this race was to finish the entire thing myself.  Miraculously, I did finish in 1hr 25min 46sec which put me at 14th out of 24 in my age group (and no it is none of your business what group that is!).  As my husband said, “At least you made the top 15!”

I have developed a strategy to move myself up into the top three in my age group. The strategy is to maintain my current pace in the swimming, biking and running while also living to be 70 years old. If none of the other competitors in my age group get wise to my plan, by the time I am 70 I might have a chance at the top spot!

At any rate, here I am in my moment of glory:

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  1. Well you met that goal WAY earlier than expected!! My strategy for you meeting it worked a lot better than yours. CONGRATS on your 3rd place finish at the Rex Wellness Knightdale Triathlon!

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