Quick Trip Home for Mom’s 80th Birthday

Brithday Party Games
Departing Albuquerque
Departing Albuquerque I fly over our RV at the Balloon Fiesta Field

After 3 stressful weeks of long distance reports regarding my Dad’s recent hospital stay, I board a Southwest Airlines flight from Albuquerque headed to Raleigh.  My sisters have a surprise 80th birthday party planned for Mom.  Not only am I part of the surprise.  I am also anxious to help my sisters who have been both providing hospital backup for Mom as well as organizing her special day. 

We are all hoping that Dad will recover enough to return home and help us celebrate.  After an avalanche of small and larger crises, Dad returns home and our party gamble comes together for a casino themed birthday gala.  Shelia provides games of chance and home-made scratch off cards for all.  This is one party where everyone’s a winner!

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3 Replies to “Quick Trip Home for Mom’s 80th Birthday”

  1. Happy 80th Birthday to your mom. Have a wonderful time with family.

  2. No way she’s 80! Just think Debbie how good you’re even going to look at 80 if your Mom looks this good! Glad you got to celebrate with your Mom and Dad too. Always enjoy family. sandydukeman

    1. Hi Sandy!
      If I could learn YOUR beauty secrets and combine that with Mom’s genes, I would be in great shape! You guys take care. Love to you both!

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