Prius OHV

As you can see from this video, the Prius is not afraid to go off road and hang out with jacked up Jeeps:

However upon our return to Moab, Jim insisted that we address our lack of suitable backcountry transportation for the Moab area. We had been planning some upgrades to the Prius to correct that deficit and on this visit we finally found time to get everything done. Introducing the modified Prius Hybrid OHV!

Special Toe-in suspension "grabs" the rocks
Special Toe-in suspension “grabs” the rocks
Solar Panels help this OHV keep running no matter how remote the ride
Solar Panels help this OHV keep running no matter how remote the ride

This OHV has toe in tires for extra rock crawling grip, lift kit, winch and roof mounted solar kit so no fuel is needed on those remote rides.

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  1. It appears you are now ready for Pritchett Canyon (rated 9+). Normally, I would go with you but I do not have enough clean underwear for that ride.

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      I don’t know, we might have to raise the suspension a couple more inches for that!

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