Pheasant Hunt in South Dakota or Sunny Hunt?

Pheasant Hunters
Why are those guns pointed my way?

Those who know me well are aware of my secret longing to stand at the end of a field facing a line of people holding shotguns pointed at me while I take pictures.  My dream came true when I found my self traipsing through a field on a pheasant hunt in South Dakota.  Words cannot paint a true picture of my feelings during this lark so I will share my photos instead.  Be warned, I had to heavily zoom in on the birds to compensate for my lack of telephoto lens.  You won’t be able to magnify the bird photos much before they become very grainy!


Photos from South Dakota Pheasant Hunt

Windy Flag
It was so windy in South Dakota, this is what the flag looked like after only one day!
Pierre Veteran Memorial
Veteran’s Memorial in Pierre near the Capitol Building
Sadie on Pheasant Hunt
Sadie on Pheasant Hunt
Pheasant takes flight
Pheasant takes flight
Ice Breaker Dog
Ice Breaker Dog
Pheasant Hunt Escapee
Pheasant Hunt Escapee
Pheasant LIfting Off
Pheasant Lifting Off

Pheasants Flying
I like these 2 photos together
Dogs Retrieving




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2 Replies to “Pheasant Hunt in South Dakota or Sunny Hunt?”

  1. Sounds like you guys had a good time!

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Storm had a great time. I almost froze to death and at one point found myself being pelted with buckshot – oh my!

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