Peeling Back the Layers of Onion Creek Trail

Jim Brown normally shares Moab with us each spring, but is with us here only in spirit this year.  Physically he is in Las Vegas awaiting the arrival of a new R-Pod camper.  This lighter, more compact rig gives him more mobility while still being easily towed behind his new jeep.  He will now be able to reach those extremely remote sites where his only companions may be wild and untamed.  At least that is the kind of women I bet he hopes to find out there!

Check out Steve and Jayne at
Photo contributed by Jim Brown

Since he cannot be here to guide us himself, via email Jim introduces us to Steve and Jayne.  Jim has told us about Jeeping adventures he has shared with them in the past and he recommends that we get together for a ride or two while they are in Moab.  If you are seeking info and .gpx tracks for Jeep trails in the US, check out their informative website at

Onion Creek

Steve and Jayne offer to lead us all the way up Onion Creek trail past the cottonwood grove where we normally turn around and retrace our tracks out.  I have always wondered what was beyond that grove. After Onion Creek trail’s end we must successfully negotiate a “red” trail called Rose Hill in order to return to the main road according to what we have been told on past rides.

Flowers on Onion Creek Trail
I believe the technical name for this bright bouquet is “yellow” flower

For those of you unfamiliar with trail rankings “red” equals possible body damage.  As far as I know that could mean damage to the Jeep body or to my own body.  Either way, other experienced Jeepers warn us not to tangle with this hill obstacle and I am happy to heed those warnings.   With Steve’s knowledgeable guidance along an alternate route, we discover Polar Mesa, Thompson Canyon and the expansive views beyond that former barrier. 

Scenes from Beyond the end of Onion Creek Trail

In hind sight, maybe having 10 people out on this under cut rock for lunch was not a great idea!
Hunting Dogs
These dogs were on the mountain ready for bear. Literally, they were up there hunting black bear.
White Flowers
These “white” flowers decorate our lunch area


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2 Replies to “Peeling Back the Layers of Onion Creek Trail”

  1. WOW what a trip, Charlie has more nerve than I got standing on that rock with nothing below it. :>) Our best to Jim an his new camper, may it give him everything that he is looking for and hopefully that is NOT SNOW. ;.)))) Thanks for the update and hope to see you soon at OSH. GOD BLESSJDJim

    1. Sunny Weathers says: Reply

      Yep – you are right about NO SNOW! If you will be there even more to look forward to at OSH!

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